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Watercolor artist


A self-educated artist, born at Ipswich in England where she lived until 1972, then moving to Italy where she has since lived , bringing up her family and working as a physiotherapist. Only in 2002 she discovered the joy of watercolour painting, her passion for this technique grew, inspired by her love of nature, this medium enabled her to to interpret the atmosphere, the poetry and emotion of the surrounding beauty she perceived.

In 2009, encouraged by her teachers ,family and friends she began to take part in local art contests and organize her first solo exibitions acquiring growing recognition. Her first international acknowledgement was in 2014 when she was invited to participate at the 3rd Internacional Bienal de Caudete ‘Techniche Innovative d’Acquerello’ . This experience was fundamental to her, opening a door onto the international watercolour world; being in close contact with international masters, observing new techniques in watercolour, making special friendships , exchanging contacts but above all perceiving the preciousness of watercolour nesting in the heart of the little town of Caudete and its people.

Since then she has been selected for numerous international watercolour events. 

In 2015 to FabrianoinAcquerello, International Watercolour Contest and to the 1° International WaterColour Biennale, Tirana, Albania. Also she was contacted by K.Coralee Burch to be part of the International Watercolor Artists Handbook 2. In 2016 representing Italy in FabrianoinAcquerello and in the 1st International Watercolour Festival at Budapest, Hungary. Selected by InArte to take part in the Itinerant exibition Italy, Pakistan,Portugal and a finalist in the International Watercolour Contest by Galleria Esdè, Cagliari.

In 2017 to the 2° Tirana International Watercolor Biennale,Vizart,Albania; selected by InArte for FabrianoinAcquerello and I.W.S Portugal for the International Watercolour Festival. In the future she hopes that her watercolour will continue to flow freely towards new horizons and is immensely happy when her paintings travel the world as a token of love and peace, and contibute towards art and humanity.